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Who is UBetSmart?

Jake West

Jake West is an avid investor and statistical guru. He has spent the last 9 years refining and tightening the algorithms that makes UBetSmart customers happy. His job is to watch over the UBetSmart machine so that it continues to produce winning picks. To this day, Jake continuously finds ways to improve the UBetSmart secret sauce.

Scott Malatesta

Scott Malatesta is a business visionary and customer service expert. Scott stumbled upon the UBetSmart secret sauce over 10 years ago. His job is to improve the UBetSmart experience as a whole. If anyone has recommendations or needs help in anyway, please email Scott at scott@ubetsmart.com

01.Our Mission

UBetSmart aims to build and improve upon existing algorithms that find the edge in sports investing.


UBetSmart wants to create a sports investing community where we can share our sports betting stories and experiences.

03.Our Approach

Instead of gambling, UBetSmart approaches sports betting as an investment. This includes features like money management and continual algorithmic improvement.

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I've been getting UBetSmart picks texted to me for over a year now. The extra money I've made every month is nice to have. Plus, it makes watching the games more exciting.


Plymouth, MN

UBetSmart has taught me how to become a more intelligent sports gambler. Their insights about money management really put things into perspective for me.


Huntington Beach, CA

Learned a lot from their blogs and videos. And their picks bring in the extra cash. UBetSmart kills it!


Westminster, CA

Two words: Player Props! UBetSmart is the best-kept secret in the sports handicapping world.


Mesa, AZ